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Naomi Madric

Naomi Madric
Brandywine Office

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Licensed in: DE
Toll Free: 800-220-7051
Mobile: 302-507-7280
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About Naomi Madric

Purchasing my first house at 22 taught me a lot of life lessons! I experienced a steep downward slope — everything that could go wrong, went wrong. After losing my job and house, I rebuilt my credit and my life with the help of a close person in my life. Why would I choose real estate as a career path after going through that? Easy — because of my lived experience and the wisdom that comes with it, I'm passionate about helping and advising my clients so they’re protected from similar hurdles and stresses.

A friend of mine used to tell me, "if you are doing something for someone else, whether it be products and/or services, you are using customer service in that process." With that in mind, my professional life has been a series of customer service experiences. Working with preschoolers as well as consumers who couldn't express themselves well, it was my job to figure out exactly what they were trying to get across. I’ve also honed the ability to understand people and their needs so that my communication is uniquely tailored to empower them and maximize their understanding. Listening with an open and caring heart goes a long way.

I love going to live sporting events — you may have even heard me at one. I always try to keep it family-friendly, not to embarrass my tween and teens too badly. We also attend school events such as STEAM. I would rather make a birthday card than purchase one and look forward to crafting more in the years to come!

Everyone has a story. I am looking forward to helping you start a new chapter in your story, whether it's buying or selling a house, helping you find a service to improve your current home, or just advice on anything and everything real estate. Remember to contact me by email or cell. Here’s to building your dreams together! You can now also schedule time for me to contact you:

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