Buying A Home

Our goal is to help educate and prepare you for buying your home.

Buying a home is likely the biggest investment you will ever make. So when you're ready to make a move - whether it's buying a new home in a different neighborhood or relocating your family to the area - you'll want a trusted, experienced partner like a Patterson-Schwartz REALTOR to guide you through the home-buying process.

With over a half-century of proven results, Patterson-Schwartz has earned the reputation as the leading local, independent real estate company in Delaware and the surrounding area. You can trust one of our knowledgeable REALTORS to guide you through the home-buying process - or as we like to say - make your home and investment dreams come true!

While the process of purchasing a home is specific to your needs and circumstances, the level of customer service you expect to receive should exceed your expectations. Our goal at Patterson-Schwartz is to create such a pleasurable experience that we earn your future business.

If you've worked with us before, find your sales associate here. If not, we're also more than happy to help find an agent that meets your needs, begin here.

To help you get started on the home buying process, we have assembled a seasonal guide covering topics of interest to our buyers.

The current guide includes:

  • What’s Going On in the Housing Market Right Now?
  • Top Reasons To Own Your Home
  • The Difference Between Renting and Buying a Home
  • The Return of Normal Seasonality for Home Price Appreciation
  • How Homeowner Net Worth Grows with Time
  • What Experts Project for Home Prices over the Next 5 Years
  • The Impact of Changing Mortgage Rates
  • Ways To Overcome Affordability Challenges in Today’s Housing Market
  • Beginning with Pre-Approval
  • Things To Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage
  • Advice for Making Your Strongest Offeron a Home
  • Why You Need a True Expert in Today’s Housing Market

Download Buyer’s Guide