Make the Most of Your Search

Your time is valuable. Ask most people what they want and more time will be right up there in the top requests. So, when you're looking for a home, using a systematic approach will get you the maximum results.

On the average, you'll probably want to view at least five properties and perhaps as many as twenty or more before you select one on which to make an offer. How many homes you see will depend on how much time you have, how much information you require to make a comfortable decision and how much patience you have. How can you make the most of your time and effort?

Start out with a plan.  Let me know your preferred neighborhoods and amenities. Get a map and a notebook or a clipboard. Rule out all the areas you don't want to see and circle the ones you do. We will work together to cluster appointments and locations. Be sure to take time to gather your thoughts in between viewings and make notes.

Give me your list of wants and needs, must-haves and won't-dos, which will help zero in on just the kind of property you're looking for. For example, if you would like to be in an area where your kids can walk to school, you probably won't want to look at rural properties. Being specific about the number of bedrooms and baths, square footage and certain amenities will help focus the search.

As you view each property, make good notes on each, detailing what did and did not appeal to you. A few shots with a digital camera can come in handy and a camcorder is even better. We will, of course, get permission to take photographs or video footage. Such a record of the homes you see is particularly helpful if you're looking out of town and would like to share details with a spouse or the kids who aren't able to come along. And face it, after you've looked at a number of properties, you won't remember which one had the great kitchen and which one had the extra big garage.

Knowing what you want and communicating with me as your Realtor, in addition to good notes along the way, will minimize aggravation and make excellent use of your time. The ultimate result is a home that is just right with time left over for enjoying

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